Rhinebeck booty

Published on Monday October 17th, 2005

I had high expectations for Rhinebeck. It surpassed them. It was glorious. There were sheep


sheep dog trials (yes, that’s a Border Collie, a handler, and three sheep in the distance)

featuring Joy and Amanda

and plenty of yarn.

Let’s take a closer look at the haul:

This glut includes three 500 yard skeins of Brooks Farms “Duet”, which is single ply of the world’s silkiest mohair and one of wool twizzled around each other, and three skeins of Blue Moon Socks That Rock. This picture also shows off my snazzy new leopard-print galoshes, which weren’t needed at all because the weather turned out to be gorgeous. But they made me easier to spot in the crowd and drew several compliments – one gentleman told me I ought to be in Vogue magazine. I hope he meant Vogue Knitting. Not pictured here is a luscious skein of Maple Creek DK weight silk/merino that came home with me, and seven skeins of Morehouse Merino 2-ply in “Sienna”, a pumpkin orange, for a husband sweater. O bountiful day. O meager bank account. It’s a good thing Rhinebeck is only once a year. Send a yarn swift!

5 Comments to “Rhinebeck booty”

  1. Colleen Comment Says:

    I see sun in those photos. Sheep and sun, what more could a knitter ask for these days :).

  2. Sarah W. Comment Says:

    Sorry I missed you, but it was fabulous, wan’t it?

  3. carrie m Comment Says:

    definitely love the rain boots! and i’m drooling over your acquisitions.

  4. Em Comment Says:

    That’s a mighty impressive haul there, missy. Love the sock colors!

  5. john Comment Says:

    The yarn, yeah, yeah…..love it. BUT THE BOOTS! THE BOOTS! I must borrow them. They wouldn’t be 11.5 would they?