Rhinebeck bound

Published on Saturday October 15th, 2005

The day has finally arrived, and despite the many posts of New York bloggers confessing utter depression at the recent weather and reduced enthusiasm for Rhinebeck, I feel like a kid on the first day of the fair. Maybe it’s because it’s my first time. Maybe it’s because I love me some sheep dog trials, rain or shine. Maybe it’s because I’m a Pacific Northwest baby and weather like this pretty much rolls right off me, no pun intended. Or maybe it’s because I acquired leopard-print rubber rain boots last night in a perfect little instance of kismet and I’m childishly excited to go slop around in the mud with them.

Anyway, Apricot Jacket and I are bundling our high spirits into Joy’s car an hour from now and merrily driving upstate. There was frantic Lightning seaming last night, as I’d hoped to debut her there. But ultimately I didn’t want to rush the collar, and 65 degree weather isn’t really conducive to bulky-weight alpaca blends. So Apricot Jacket, which layers better, is getting the nod. See some of you there!

2 Comments to “Rhinebeck bound”

  1. john Comment Says:

    Well, I’m very excited for you. I remember my first Rhinebeck. I walked around drooling like I had had too much sugar like Little Chrissy in one of John Water’s films. I don’t even remember what I said to people. Probably something like “uhhhhhhhh. uhhhhhhh. uhhhhhhh…” Can’t wait to see what the crack source did to ya.

  2. Libby Comment Says:

    I am SO jealous – I don’t get to go. 🙁 Too far away from the loverly Pac Northwest for me to drive…