Lino print

Published on Thursday January 4th, 2007


Since some of you wanted to know how the prints came out… Click for big, since the image is a little too large to work on smaller screens. I was happy with the way some of my efforts printed; others were truly pathetic in the ink-transfer department. Why? I had this idea that I would lay the block on top of the paper, and then apply pressure to the back of the block. I used a heavy glass candlestick to do the job. What I could have done, had I consulted my several printmaking artist friends instead of diving in to experiment on my own, was to start with the block face up and lay the paper on top of it, in which case the gentle application of the back of a spoon would have solved all my difficulties and saved my arm muscles, too. Oh well, next time.

Tomorrow: Axel fingerless mitts, with pattern! (Well, 1.5 mitts, anyway.)

9 Comments to “Lino print”

  1. gleek Comment Says:

    ooooh, very nice! i love how it turned out!!

  2. Lisa Comment Says:

    Beautiful!! I love it!

  3. natalie Comment Says:

    That’s a great print! 🙂

  4. Marty Comment Says:

    Very nice print! I also wondered if you could check to make sure I am a member of the Zimmermania group. I can’t seem to post, and would like to share a couple of knitted things…thanks for your help.


  5. Sarah Comment Says:

    Marty, if you should check back here, your email is bouncing back my reply saying the user is unknown. You’re “pending” for Zimmermania – you need to accept the invitation Blogger sent you to join the group. If you didn’t receive it, I suspect your address is the culprit. If you have another I can try, please let me know!


  6. Marty Comment Says:

    I’m glad I checked with you. Let’s try . I seem to remember getting the invitation brom Blogger, but don’t seem to find that now. If you could try again I would really appreciate your help. Would it help if I could email you?? I didn’t see your email listed anywhere on your blog. Sorry for the trouble.


  7. Marty Comment Says:

    I just double checked, and thought I would see if you could also send to this address:

    Once again, sorry for being the problem child :o)

  8. melissa Comment Says:

    very, very nice! they also sell a special thingy to rub on the paper to transfer the pring. it looks kinda like a potato masher, but shorter.

  9. linda Comment Says:

    this print is beautiful!