Six weird things

Published on Monday January 1st, 2007

Miss Loribird tagged me for the Weird Things meme, and since I haven’t yet gotten around to uploading my list of 100 things about myself, and since I don’t have pictures for you today, I thought I’d play along. I’m going to figure that I’m so late to the party that it’s not worth tagging six more people, though. Tag yourself if you need blog fodder, eh?

Thing 1: I played on the boys’ varsity lacrosse team in high school.

Thing 2: My comfort food is lima beans. (There, that’s probably weirder than anything else you’ll read in these memes.) No, really — drizzled with some olive oil and a little pepper and parmegiano, they’re awesome. Just don’t overcook them.

Thing 3: I dabble in astronomy.

Thing 4: The foreign language in which I’m most fluent is Nepali.

Thing 5: I play the African marimba.

Thing 6: I love Marmite.

We’ll return to regular knitting coverage after tomorrow, when we’ll fly home to Portland. Colorado’s been good to us — we’ve had some excellent days on the ski hill at Copper Mountain, and despite the blizzards in Denver, it’s been clear and beautiful the last few days. Happy 2007, everyone!

12 Comments to “Six weird things”

  1. tiennie Comment Says:

    Happy New Year to you too! Seriously, lima beans?! 🙂

  2. Schrodinger Comment Says:

    Mr. B. would happily claim that loving Marmite is not strange at all – I disagree…

  3. Megan Comment Says:

    I love lima beans too but seldom have them since my husband isn’t much of a fan. Maybe I need to prepare them as you suggest to get him hooked.

  4. minnie Comment Says:

    the boys & i love lima beans as well, but we usually do them with butter & garlic salt. i’ll have to try your rendition!

    and good for you, playing on the boys’ team! there were 3 girls that played football this year in my sons’ middle school.

  5. gleek Comment Says:

    hhmmmm, i’m now wondering what MY comfort food is. it used to be mac and cheese (the cheap kraft spiral kind) but i haven’t had that in SOOOOOO long that i doubt it’s a comfort anymore. maybe i should pick up a box or two on the way home tonight 🙂

    i had no idea what marmite was! thanks for the link! i’m sure that’s something that KP would love 🙂

  6. jess Comment Says:

    totally cool on the lax team!! 😀

    Funnily, lima beans are the only vegetable I can say I truly dislike! 😉

  7. Jessica Comment Says:

    Wow, you are my hero–Nepali? That’s awesome!

  8. carrie m Comment Says:

    boys lacrosse team and nepali? you just get cooler and cooler. i think i might have to tag myself for this one.

  9. Lisa Comment Says:

    Lima beans? The Marimba? Boys Lacrosse? You are a woman of many surprises! Happy New Year!

  10. Karma Comment Says:

    You simply must read A Bad Case of Stripes. You’ll never think your love for lima beans is weird again!

  11. MeBeth Comment Says:

    I think you have the coolest weird things list I’ve read so far – if my husband read your blog he’d have a crush on you right now.

  12. Hannah Comment Says:

    Not related to this post, but could you send me a Zimmermania invite please? Thanks a bunch! I’m a new fan of hers 🙂