Published on Friday February 23rd, 2007

That’s the sound of me applying the brakes to this whole zipper odyssey. Oh lordy, you’re all right: of course the sweater is going to spread width-wise and get SHORTER when it’s on an actual man and not just my ironing board. (And of course Grumperina thought of that ahead of time, as I clearly failed to.) We may be going back to the 28″ zipper, in which case I’ve ripped out a perfect good half a sewing job and – you guessed it – spent an hour and a half of Grey’s Anatomy last night on a new half a sewing job. Let’s see if I can wrestle Mr. Garter into this thing without perforating his handsome torso to check.

Hmmm, where is he?

Mr. Garter is conveniently not located in the house. Either he went running or he’s holed up in some coffee house having a codefest with his geek brethren. What is it with men (or maybe it’s all domestic partners) and their inability to leave a note? Can he not feel the tug of my fevered brainwaves longing to bundle him in wool and pins to ascertain my fate?

Whatever. I’ve spent so many hours on this sweater already that a third zipper installment is a mere drop in the ocean. It will be perfect, dammit.

10 Comments to “Screeeeeeeech!”

  1. loribird Comment Says:

    Good luck, hope you find the solution. And don’t feel bad about not thinking of it – there are plenty of commercially sold sweaters that have that “buckling” problem.

  2. Karma Comment Says:

    Oh good, you read Grumperina. And maybe Carolyn, too (at So Much Yarn, So Little Time)? I hadn’t even considered that problem before, and I’ve installed a couple of zippers into handknit cardis. I’m sure you’ll have it all sorted out in no time!

  3. gleek Comment Says:

    🙂 i’m glad you read grumperina’s entry.. but let’s not forget that she’s a woman with boobs so the cardigan will stretch a lot more on her than a man. i hope that mr garter gets home soon so that you can find out!

  4. knittingphilistine Comment Says:

    Perfection will be had, I have no doubt. Mr. Garter will soon be prodigiously wool-erific, indeed.

  5. Katie Comment Says:

    Hang in there, girl. The thing with geeky husbands is their need to come home and snuggle once in a while. Coffee shops and codefests and other geeks are good but they do get homesick eventually;)

  6. tiennie Comment Says:

    Oh dangnabbit – after all that – I know it will be perfect!

  7. emily Comment Says:

    just echoing gleek’s comment RE Grumperina’s zipper saga–I don’t know how much negative ease you’d have in his cardigan. If there’s positive ease then I don’t see why it would get shorter.

    best of luck!

  8. stacey Comment Says:

    a little more time is not a big deal to get it right! better to wait for him to come back from wherever he is than to install and have to rip again!!

  9. MeBeth Comment Says:

    I admire your fortitude – at this point I would be clutching my head and wailing and my husband would perhaps be hiding under the bed, did you check there for Mr. Garter?

  10. Debby Comment Says:

    Tell him it’s one of those old fashioned wool cycling sweaters and he’ll be home right quick! I hope that the third zipper sewing is truly a charm. 🙂