It’s done

Published on Monday March 1st, 2010

No pictures yet because it really needs a blocking, but the little lever-knit sweater I’m calling Baltic Rose is all finished! Although I still had about six short rows to go when they extinguished the Olympic torch, I was finished and able to give the closing ceremonies my full attention by the time they rolled out the giant inflatable beavers in the finale (which was like a Bollywood musical number with lumberjacks), so I’m awarding myself a lever-knitting medal. And really, if I hadn’t decided at 3pm that what my little sweater really needed was a hood, I could have been done by the time the gold medal hockey game was over.

(I’m one American, by the way, who thinks that game came out exactly as it should have. I cheered when the U.S. tied it up in the last half-second of regulation, but I was glad Canada’s young star could earn his country the win in the end. Both teams played hard and well, it was dramatically close, it went to overtime but not to the somewhat hollow victory of penalty shots, and in the end the gold went to the country that really showed the passion to deserve it. If the Americans had won, we’d all have patted ourselves on the back, and some of our youngest hockey players would have remembered it for years, but there wouldn’t have been nationwide street parties, you know what I mean?)

Pictures soon and full details soon, I promise.

9 Comments to “It’s done”

  1. Barbara Comment Says:

    I happen to agree with you regarding the hockey game, and good for you to have the courage to express them.

  2. Emily Comment Says:

    Baltic Rose is such a cute & fitting name for that little sweater! Can’t wait to see finished photos. 🙂

    I think I was the only person on Earth completely disconnected from the Olympics. Which is just as well, since I was in the midst of a big sewing project rather than a big knitting project, and those are a little harder to do while watching anything!

  3. Susan Comment Says:

    Maybe now hockey will get a bigger following here in the US. I feel lucky to live in Denver, where we have the best hockey team EEEVVVVEEERRR! Go Avs!

  4. Carmen Comment Says:

    Can’t wait to see Baltic Rose!
    Not a fan of the Olympics or hockey.

  5. knittingoutloud Comment Says:

    Looking forward to the pictures!

  6. PJ Comment Says:

    Totally agree about the hockey game. I said that morning that I hoped Canada won so they could end the games on a high note. We were in New Zealand during the games, watched no TV, had no idea what was happening so the hockey game was the only thing I watched.

    On the other hand, The America’s Cup is back!

  7. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    This small part of me wanted the US to win, but mostly I just wanted to see a well played game by two top teams. I would have been more disappointed if it hadn’t gone into overtime.

  8. Debby Comment Says:

    Can’t wait to see your new sweater — congratulations for finishing it under the wire! I’m afraid I didn’t see any of the Olympics, but maybe some Cyclism Sunday on Versus counts?

  9. Lisa Comment Says:

    I’m with you completely on the Hockey game. When I posted my congratulations on my Facebook, friends and relatives jumped all over me thinking I was not being patriotic. I look forward to seeing the Baltic Rose!