Snails on a romper on a baby

Published on Sunday September 5th, 2010

I always prefer to see baby garments modeled with actual babies inside. Babies are such oddly shaped little creatures; a sweater may look perfectly proportioned but fail to fit an actual tiny human while a pair of leggings may look completely laughable laid out flat but fit snug as you like over a diapered bum. Plus it’s such a tease to show things made to clothe a human without a human inside. Of course I can understand if people choose not to show their faces (or any body parts) to the whole internet, but a sweater pinned to a dress form or a shawl draped over a park bench looks just a little bit wistful and stark, like an untenanted house. The snark in me wonders if they didn’t quite fit despite their apparently perfect workmanship; the mother hen in me wants to see them rightly home, warming a body as they fundamentally should. Things made in anticipation of a new life excite a particular desire to see them filled with delicious wriggling baby. So I apologize if this blog is currently rather heavy on the slobbery infant content and that’s not your thing, but I’m scratching a personal itch by photographing Ada in her handmade togs. I promise a bit of grown-up knitting (why does that sound so dirty?) in the next post, okay? Without further ado, here’s the romper I knit in July:

SnailRomper (1 of 4)

I really love this photo. It’s like the romper is swallowing her whole. I’m thinking of this picture as my answer to Edvard Munch.

SnailRomper (2 of 4)

Still a little room to grow.

SnailRomper (3 of 4)

SnailRomper (4 of 4)

Project details, in case you missed them before:

Small Things Romper, by Carina Spencer

in Mirasol Lachiwa cotton/linen, three skeins plus a bit of a fourth

and leftovers of Bergere de France Bergereine for the snail

snail chart from Adrian Bizilia’s Norwegian Snail Mittens

23 Comments to “Snails on a romper on a baby”

  1. Susan Comment Says:

    What an adorable smile! And that romper is so cute. You must be over the moon with happiness.

  2. Walden Comment Says:

    I completely agree with you on the object being modeled with a real human is FAR better than not. Plus, when it is adorable babies that alone is a bonus. The romper looks good, she can wear it now and for a little into the future!

  3. tracy Comment Says:

    When I saw this title I was certain there was no way she had grown enough already to fit snugly in that romper! Glad to see she is still such a munchkin. I wholeheartedly agree about the photos being on live folk. Alas, when gifting it can be tough to get those. A photo from the parents is always appreciated!

  4. Wendolene Comment Says:

    Oh how CUTE!
    (the baby and the romper)

  5. fern1knits Comment Says:

    What a cutie! And the romper is totally adorable.

  6. torirot Comment Says:

    Love love love
    so cute – baby and snail and everything!

  7. mari Comment Says:

    So adorable. I am still waiting for my model to make her appearance. 🙂

  8. Ingrid Comment Says:

    She looks lovely, and well loved.

  9. Siga Comment Says:


  10. mick Comment Says:

    Cutest ever. What a happy, snuggly baby!

  11. Mia Comment Says:

    Yay! Love the outfit and the wee one. She’s smiling already–we are impressed over here.

  12. Lydia Comment Says:

    So cute! I don’t have a baby myself but I still love seeing babies in their handknits.

  13. Mags/Winston's Mom Comment Says:

    What a cutie! The romper looked great before it was filled with a baby, but it looks even better on her!

  14. Lisa Comment Says:

    My goodness, she is darling! And that romper will be just the thing in the cold winter months.

  15. Bibi Comment Says:

    Trop mignon!so lovely!!!

  16. Linnea Comment Says:

    Sarah, she looks gorgeous in this little suit. It fits her so well and the colors are perfect for her. Don’t feel obligated to move on to “adult” knitting for us. This is fun!

  17. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    The last picture makes me think of a snail-y Obi Wan Kenobi. It’s just perfect!

  18. Gramma Phyl Comment Says:

    Don’t know which is cuter, Little Miss Ada or her romper made by her Mommy. Together they make the perfect picture. And she has room to grow all winter, which I guarantee she will be doing faster than you think possible.

  19. christina Comment Says:

    She has filled out! You’re doing a darn good job. The romper is very cute, too!

  20. Debby Comment Says:

    I love that you can link a cute baby model with an expressionist painting!

  21. lizzie Comment Says:

    She is so beautiful – she is almost smiling !

  22. Rose Comment Says:

    Absolutely adorable! Romper and baby!!!! 🙂

  23. Jess Comment Says:

    Sarah, she is so sweet and so beautiful! And what a lucky girl to have such an adorable romper to snuggle in!