Published on Monday November 15th, 2010

Akimbo (1 of 3)

This has been finished for almost a month… my friends are pointing out that I’ve been a negligent blogger lately, and it’s the truth! I love this shawl, though. It’s another Akimbo — I knew I wanted one for myself as soon as I tried on my brother’s. I still had plenty of Socks That Rock in Pond Scum for the edging; the teal is some flydesigns Monarch that’s been marinating in the stash since… oh, probably 2007. Back when you could get it in 660-yard skeins, anyway.

Akimbo (2 of 3)

I went up a needle size to US #7 to achieve a slightly larger size, and I think it was a good decision. I also think I should stand in front of orange walls while wearing it as often as possible. (Especially if those walls stand in proximity to amazing scones.) Although it’s nice against brown, too:

Akimbo (3 of 3)

In other knitting news, I’ve finally picked up the Tomten jacket I’ve been knitting for the last eighteen months in an effort to finish it for my nephew’s Christmas. I decided it needed some jacquard patterning at the shoulders a la Franklin Habit, so more on that soon. (Pssst… how do you make an accent grave in WordPress?)

11 Comments to “Akimbo”

  1. chantelaine Comment Says:

    I love it!!

  2. mick Comment Says:

    Love the shawl! And also, you just look lovely. Your hair and that tunic are both super flattering.

  3. Julie Comment Says:

    It’s gorgeous!!! I love the design, and the colours are fantastic together.

  4. Jodi Comment Says:

    It turned out just beautifully! There’s something magical about blue and orange together — one of my favorite color combinations.

  5. Natalie Comment Says:

    Beautiful! My secret for accents is to Google a search topic that will have it in the results (e.g., à la) and then copy paste. Voilà!

  6. Lucy Comment Says:


    Gorgeous shawl.. I may have to knit one of those!
    I’m assuming you wanted an accent grave on the a of ‘à la…’
    To get this in practically any program ever devised you hold down alt and type 0224 on the number keypad at the right hand end of your keyboard. Other useful ones are é (0233) and è (0232) and ç (0231) and ê (0234) if you like typing the odd thing en français.
    (Can you tell I’m a languages teacher?)
    Keep knitting!

  7. Beth Comment Says:


  8. Linnea Comment Says:

    I love your color choice, Sarah, to my mind better than any of his. Perfect.

  9. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    If you are looking at html code, then you need à or the à. While most of the blogging programs are smart enough now to automatically do that for you if you have entered the information the way Lucy says, sometimes they need the html versions of the codes.

    Yup, web design is my life.
    (generally &[word version of code]; or &#[iso number code]; will create the right code.)

  10. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    I used the codes in the above example: & agrave ; and & # 224 ; (remove spaces).

    The webmonkey special character list is a great place to start.

  11. Mary Cullinane Comment Says:

    Your work is absolutely fantastic. Great taste and craftmanship. Very original designs

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