Storm light

Published on Sunday April 21st, 2013


Fitful spring weather is all the more exciting when you’ve ventured out in your socks to count the blossoms that have formed on the blueberry bushes and to check whether the carrots are sprouting. (They are!) Down comes the first spatter, but isn’t that a hint of rainbow forming? Where? Why? We shelter on the neighbors’ porch, improvising seats among the firewood, the six of us crafting silly sentences of words that rhyme with stump, talking about sun and rain all at the same once, squawking odes to the plush fur and convenient stature of Corgi dogs, speculating on the pleasures of Meyer lemons in cocktails. (They make a splendid whiskey sour, it turns out, and simple syrup made with coconut sugar is a perfectly good idea. You want an ounce and a half of whiskey, an ounce of Meyer lemon juice, and less than half an ounce of the syrup. We don’t own a shaker so we just dropped in a couple of ice cubes and stirred. You won’t be sorry if you do the same.)

This was Monday. We didn’t talk about the tragedy with the littles amongst us. (Ada happened to have selected, that morning, a beautiful shirt with ABC’s on it from a new batch of hand-me-downs: BOSTON RED SOX.) But in the face of all that’s been wrong with the world this week, that convivial moment, happenstance in the golden light amid the raindrops, was especially good.


4 Comments to “Storm light”

  1. Seanna Lea Comment Says:

    Last week was unhappily out of the norm. I’m hoping that this week and the weeks to come will be calm and allow us to enjoy the beauty without dwelling on those events or any events like them.

  2. Kaylee Comment Says:

    At the risk of sounding weird, I’m so happy you’re still blogging. I check in every few weeks and have been a reader since I took up knitting about 5 years ago. Just wanted to say hi so I didn’t feel strange anymore. So, hello! Thank you for sticking around: I always enjoying your writing!

  3. Christina Comment Says:

    I’m enjoying my whiskey sour right now. Thanks for reminding me what a tasty cocktail it is, and inspiring me to buy my first Meyer lemons. Cheers!

  4. Bells Comment Says:

    That light!! Oh my.

    I keep wondering what your new blog will be like. I re-read the new direction post and,having similar thoughts myself, find myself wondering how the transformation is going…..

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