Pardon me while I step into this phone booth…

Published on Wednesday May 15th, 2013

… and we’re live. Gulp! I want to thank every one of you, whether you’ve ever commented or not, for sharing this space with me all these years. Come on over and see the new me!



2 Comments to “Pardon me while I step into this phone booth…”

  1. Rose Comment Says:

    Congratulations on you new site and sale of your patterns! I have followed your blog for years, and think you are an incredible knitter.

  2. Teresa chinnock Comment Says:

    Hi there I have been tryin to find an email but only found the picture of you with “email: Sarah at this blog” I have found a pic on Pinterest linking back to you of a toddlers grey sweater vest with about 4-5 buttons at the back of neck, but I cannot for the life of me find it on your blog! Can you help plz?
    Thanks in advance!! ;-D

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